Learning about an HMO Plan

Learning about an HMO Plan

  • HMO is a managed health plan
  • The insurance company will provide a list of available practitioners in your network
  • Select your primary care physician also known as a PCP
  • You must arrange care through your PCP
  • Premium payments are usually pre-tax automatically deducted from your paycheck
  • Read the attached plan document
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Key Features

Key Features of an HMO Plan

  • Copayments are separate from deductibles
  • Routine checkups are typically free or may have a low copayment
  • Lab tests are usually covered separately for checkups vs. for medical conditions
  • Each person in your family will have their own deductible to satisfy
  • Your plan will have a maximum out of pocket expense for the family for the year

Additional Information

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Please read the attached plan document to learn more about your specific plan features.